I look a little angry when I'm not. Is this a negative thing?

When I am focused or determined, my posture is my head tilted slightly down and my gaze straight. Recently, I think I am finding all of what I want to do with my life and feeling really empowered to do it. More often then I used to, I have this look most of the time. Some have commented on it and wonder if something irritates, or annoys me. I'm fine and I feel happy more. In fact the only time I really got mad this month was at myself and not at anybody else. Girls would you consider this to be a negative in a guy if he ever became interested in you? I try to think about me being in a situation seeing a girl with that look. But its because I can relate, that I am biased and would obviously say I'm OK with it. Ether way regardless of your answers, I may not change anything, I'm happy the way I am.


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  • People say that to me all the time too. They can suck it, I've got a lot to consider sometimes. All they have to do is ask :) What I have found that helps though is if I notice their vibe change from my posture and expression, I let them know not to take it personal. If the girl is laid back enough and understands you then she won't consider it negative. Like if she just hung out with you and didn't ask questions or pry or try to change the look on your face, maybe just keep you company.


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