How can I get this girl to notice me?

I only see her for a brief moment when she walks by the front desk that I work at. I introduced myself to her today and we should hands but I see guys constantly hitting on her. Telling her how beautiful she looks and tell her they should go out. I just don't know how to get noticed by her when there so many other guys after her. I know she at least likes me in friendly way as he always smiles and waves and sees me outside of work. I just don't know how to stand out to her especially when I don't get much of a chance to talk to her. Especially when a lot of those guys are better looking thus giving them a better chance. By the way we are in college and she is on the dance team. Help me out please?


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  • My boyfriend told me the same problem he had with me is the same thing you are going through. We met at work and I get a lot of attention from other guys. He would sorta ignore me and I never knew he was interested in me. Till one day I was doing something that gave him an opening. I was making adventure time origami to decorate my desk. He came in and said "oh you like adventure time too?" from there I was hooked by our chemistry with similar interests. If you're lucky, then the girl you like would be the confident go getter type, who hopefully doesn't have any hang ups about asking a guy out. If she is ( a lot of women are) then you would have to find some sort of common ground to break the ice.

    You have to believe that you can get her...or that she is worth the painstaking analysis and fears of rejection you'll be going through in the process. You know my boyfriend isn't that attractive to me in the beginning. I was always talking about this other guy. Anyways, he has pectus, he is very skinny, dark circles from his condition. Not that tall. But I tell you what he DOES have: confidence (or he was really good at hiding any insecurities), light heartedness, witty, charming, and most of all he was persistent. I even gave him the "im not into you lets be friends talk" Even after that, he would still be my friend and through that path I fell for him. We are now together.

    What you should get out of the above story is that you don't have to stand out. You just have to keep calm and find common ground. to do this:

    1. keep it light in the beginning with conversations about anything. If you get nervous just count to 3 and proceed with what you wanna say and do. This helps you not to whimp out and regret later.

    2. Slow and steady will win the race. Be her friend first...and see how it develops. Sadly, in love there is on win win situation. its always gonna be 50/50 might as well take any chance because time will determine how it will be.

    3. Ask her to have lunch sometime (its not too intense and good way to just get to know each other

    hope this sorta helped goodluck!


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  • hm, maybe start to ask her to hang out sometimes when she waves and smiles at you. You just have to choose a right time when she's out of class or no other guys are around to talk to her.


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  • Usually you can't win with girls like this unless you are more attractive than all the other guys hitting on her. Confidence helps to get her attention but the best thing to do is show her what you can offer her that is unique and different to the rest (if there is anything different about you of course ^_^).

    Because she has guys hitting on her all the time you will probably only have one chance to make an impression and get her interested, else she might label you as 'just another one of those typical guys'. Good luck