Girls - Why is height such an issue for you?

I am quite a small guy. 5'6 to be exact and it has always bothered me as to why girls seem to "never go for" any guys that are smaller than them. Don't get me wrong, not all girls are like this, but I have noticed that a fair few are. So my question is, why (if at all) is it such a big deal that you(the girl) must not be taller than the guy?

I ask this because I have met several girls who have said they would never go out with a guy smaller than them. Even if the guy is slightly taller and the girl is only taller when in high heels, their response is still the same. I just find it a little hypocritical because if a guy was to turn them down because she was smaller, they would call him an a-hole!

Would just like to get your thoughts !


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  • Girls - Why is height such an issue for you?

    Likely for the same reason age, looks, and weight seems to be such an issue for guys and that reason being attraction.

    So my question is, why (if at all) is it such a big deal that you(the girl) must not be taller than the guy?

    Most likely attraction and a bit likely due to patriarchal gender roles about femininity and masculinity.

    • I don't mean to sound nasty, but isn't that kind of saying small guys/girls are less attractive? Yeah sure height comes into factor at some point, but I'm talking about people who are 2, 3 or 4 inches difference in height.

    • Egh you don't sound nasty in my opinion so worries if you were concerned.

      No it's more like saying small guys are generally unattractive to most gals. For gals I don't find being short hinders their attractiveness it seems to enhance it with it suggesting (more) femininity.

      If those 2, 3, or 4 inches are below the average height it's understandable to me as it's below what is most common on a factor that tends to be such an issue for gals.

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  • My boyfriend is the same exact height as you but I'm still shorter than he is and I wouldn't want to date a guy who was shorter than I am. I'm not sure what exactly it is but when 98% of guys are taller than you are and you try to date one who's actually shorter than you are it just feels awkward.

    • But why should awkwardness even be there? If you like someone, if you find them attractive and you both get on, I really don't see why height gets in the way unless it's a drastic difference.

    • But I wouldn't find someone shorter than I am attractive, that's the problem.

  • I'm 5'10" so I'll be perfectly honest and say I'd want a guy at least my height (ish). I don't mind being taller in heels though.

    Why? It makes me feel more feminine. It's stupid and unreasonable, but I can't help that preference.

  • well for me I'm a short girl 5'1 and I like guys that are taller then me because then I know he's going to be able to protect me vs someone who is the same hight as I am. I also have a thing where I wouldn't date a guy who is skinner then I am it would make me feel fat.

    unless he was short and buff I might go for it

  • I'm 5'3 2\4

    So your height wouldn't bother me I wouldent like it if the guy I date is a lot taller than me

    Well that is if I ever get a boyfriend

    So for me I don't think it would really be a problem

  • i like to wear highheels and I don't want to be taller than my guy when I wear them

    • And why not exactly? What exactly is wrong with the girl being taller?

    • i just like to look up to a man. he`s supposed to be to strong one looking out for me. same as I don't like it when the guy is slimmer than me, I don't like him being smaller.

  • I am physically attracted to tall men. It's important for me to feel feminine around my guy and if I tower over him, I'm going to feel the opposite of feminine. Goes for weight too. If I was 'bigger' than him, it'd make me feel like crap.


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  • Genetically speaking taller males tend to have better genes. Turns out we know that intrinsically. Sorry.

    • That's actually incorrect and recent study's have shown shorter than average people live longer lives than taller than average people. lol

    • The study did not say that shorter males have stronger genes. Also, unless it's a different study than I am aware, the difference is between 2 and 4 years. It is negligible.