How can you tell if a guy (stranger) wants to talk to you?

This guy and me have made eye contact before but lately when I would look at him he would look away. I smiled at him two weeks ago but he didn't smile back and just stayed looking while he walked off. I assumed he wasn't interested so I wouldn't look at him no more and if I did and saw him looking at me I would look how he use to do to me.

Lately he makes longer eye contact or so it seems, once he looked away when I looked at him. I can't tell but it looks like he looks for me after class now. Yesterday when he walked out we caught eyes but I looked away because my friend was talking to me and that guy was walking really slow looking at the clock on the wall that didn't work then did a turn and looked at me then walked out the building but was looking at the wall.

My friend also noticed that he has taken more interest in me since I stopped looking at him after the smile I gave.

Is he into me and is he trying to talk to me now?


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