Guys, what outfit looks good for a girl during winter time?

It is cold and I can't wear short shorts or skirts. What outfits can keep me warm but still make me look hot? :D

I was thinking short shorts with leggings? Do guys like that? :P

Thanks! :D

haha and I forgot to say that it should be something to wear to class and I'm in college! :P


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    • I think mine should work for that.

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    • oh these are great! :D Thanks! :D

    • Your welcome. link Here is what it looks like minus the coat, put the wrong link before. Thanks for ba.

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  • Leggings are great, either wth skirts or sweater dresses...Short shorts, man, that's going to be cold, legings or not.

  • Keep the leggings and lose the shorts.

    • Leggings on a hot college girl will definitely look good no matter what the season.

  • I can tell what kind of girl you are.

    I personally find the jeans, boots, shirt with jacket over it, scarf, woo cap, and cute red nose from the cold to be very attractive. lol

    • haha what type of girl did you think I am? :P

      haha ooooo I like your idea! :D

    • Your whole spiel was about wanting to wear short shorts and short skirts but can't, so...

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  • Forget about what you think. Here are some really sexy ideas. Lol. link

    • haha thanks for the idea! :P But for outside wear! :P

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