How do I give my boyfriend a sexy lapdance?

I've never given a lap dance before.

I'm afraid ill look stupid.

What should I wear

how should I act?

How do I not make myself look stupI'd and make it look like I know what I'm doing..?


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  • be confident, maybe look up some lap dance moves online and try to mimic them? just do a few practice moves on an empty chair and try to get the basic idea down. Also don't take it too seriously! have fun and just mess around, if you look hot you'll feel hot and it will make it that much easier and natural.

    To be honest he will probably be pleased with whatever kind of effort you put towards giving him a lap dance. I think my girlfriend is in the same sort of situation and doesn't want to give me one cause she doesn't want to look dumb but even if she ends up doing horribly id still love her and appreciate the effort and then id be more willing to please her.


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  • start with your clothes on and then start getting them off piece after another in a slow motion , put some sexy music , try wearing some leather pieces, do smoky eyes makeup , end up with a hot red bikini with a hight neck boot :D

  • link :)

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