Is this guy (stranger) interested in me?

We have made eye contact before like staring at each other lol. Sometimes he would look away when I would look at him and I smiled once and he just looked and walked away. I figured he didn't like me so I wouldn't look at him no more

When I hung out with my guy friend once he was staring at us and whenever I hung out with my friend that's a girl she noticed he has been trying to walk by me a lot more and looking. He started walking my way after class and it looked like he wanted to approach me.

Today he walked in class and didn't want to look at me really. I knew he wanted to look back during class but didn't. Or I feel like he steals glances really fast when I'm not looking. After class this girl took forever to walk out of the row we were in and when she did he was out of his but let me go in front of him, so I walked and I looked up at him and he was looking at me and I turned fast and said thank you because I was so nervous. I hope he heard when I said thank you. Although when I started walking he wasn't behind me and he didn't walk the way I do like he started to the past week. Why didn't he walk the way he started walking which is the way I go?

My friend also noticed that he has taken more interest in me since I stopped looking at him after the smile I gave.

Is he into me and is he trying to talk to me now?


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  • It's hard to tell he might be interested in you but he seems very shy. Also like your friend said which is true sometimes if you ignore a guy they will try to get your attention more. Maybe he wants to approach you but he doesn't know what to say.Maybe you can wave or say hi to him to break the ice.You kind of did break the ice alottle by saying thank you but I'm assuming that maybe he didn't hear you.Some guys are afraid of getting rejected. He might be wanting you to make a move.

    • I was just going to try and smile at him again when he let me pass but he got me so nervous I didn't know how to react when he let me pass. Is it possible he only let me pass to be friendly?

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    • I was going to smile at him but he didn't want to look my way like at all. I saw him 30 min after class and he looked at me then turned and kept walking. For me not knowing him..he sure does frustrate me a lot lol When he kept walking and got out of the building he was looking to the side I guess to see if he sees me or to see if I'm walking towards him

    • Lol he does seem frustrating because now your ready to smile and he is not looking your way now. Maybe he doesn't want to make it obvious that he is looking at you. But I guess when you got out the building he kind of made it obvious by looking to the side when you got out. It's going to have to be a perfect timing thing. I think he will look at you where you can smile at him again.

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