After shaving off mustache... what?

Okay, I use to only have a mustache and decided to loose it completely after coming to the realization, that most women don't care much for this style.. I did not like the fact that more and more grey was showing up within the black.. I tried adding the goatee to the mix a few years back and was advised by a close friend that it was not helping matters any..? I will say, that I did not care much for it due to the fact it was a salt & pepper look.. I prefer to look younger and all the extra grey was not helping me.. My wife said it made me look more "distinguished"..

I'm wondering if clean shaven is my best option being I don't want to display so much grey.. ..or is some combo of stubble a better direction to go in..? My wife is not much help here being she don't really like me to look younger than her..

I'd appreciate any input except for pointing out that it is Movember and I should have waited... :)

Thanks for your time.


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  • Just for men beard & mustache works great.


    • That's a thought... I'd then have to match my hair...

      I have so far avoided that path... least up to this point..

      I don't mind what little bit of grey I have in my hair now.. ..but that which grows in the form of facial hair is a bit more than I like..

      Thanks for the suggestion..

    • You just need to get close to your hair color. Facial hair doesn't perfectly match the hair on your head.

      I keep my goatee pretty short, so I have to do it twice a week.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience..

      I'll likely settle in on something...

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  • I'd go with clean shaven. I don't much care for beards, be they grey or not.

    • This is what I'm currently doing... I do look a LOT different with out the stache...

      My wife said if your point was to look younger, it worked...

      Thanks for telling me your preference...

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  • Clean-shaven is the best way to go. Stubble is something young people use to look older but older people just look like hobos.

    • Thanks for your insight on that.. I like a direct answer.. :)

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