Finally got a girl to play footsies but she said nothing.....

I sat across from this girl in the library today. She was wearing black boots. I put my foot (with shoe on) on top of hers. She did not move her foot and kept wriggling her toes. After a minute or so I started tapping my foot slightly on her shoe and then started rubbing my foot slowly on her shoe too. Then I got bolder and took of my shoe (kept sock on) and rubbed my foot slowly up and down her shoe. The whole time she never stopped wriggling her toes. Then she got up and left and she looked at me and I looked at her and she walked away. So, why did she not say anything? Or was I supposed to say something?


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  • I don't think she was into it..

    • Then why did she not move her foot at all? This whole think went on probably 15-20 minutes.

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    • ugh so you could messge me about it. You know what nvm bye.

    • Can't you just answer since your anon?

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