What would you do or what could you do in this scenario?

You're walking down the street at night. All of a sudden you're hit over the head with a blunt object of some kind and knocked out. You wake up in a house tied to a blow up bed . You notice a TV monitor on the wall with it showing you tied to the blow up bed. The TV monitor picture changes to out side where you see a pack of rabid looking jackals wandering around . You look closer and it looks like they are following a trail of food scraps . Then you hear the jackals the house. You somehow untie yourself , but now you hear the jackals even more now, like they're very close. On the floor in a corner in the room you're in, you notice that there's a revolver and a small cardboard box. You open the box and its full of bullets but bunch of different ones . You run to the window to try to jump out, but the window itself has bars on it . You look at the monitor and the jackals are getting closer .The door is also missing so there's no way to close the door . You notice another window and run to it to break the window and jump, but you notice that if you jump, you will land in a empty pool with rock and glass in the bottom and there's nothing to hold on to climb out no sheets in the room to try to tie to anything so if you choose the window , you would surely die if you jump out since you're up so far. So you rush back to the gun and the cardboard box but, now the jackals are in the room with you . So what would you do?


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  • try to fit a few bullets into the gun and fire them at the floor in front of me to scare the jackals with the loud gun shot noise then ill shout angrily at them using the blow up bed as a flimsy shield and look as big as I can to try and make them run off, no way am I shooting them unless I have to ill even try to pistol whip them to knock them out, its not their fault theyre hungry and were put there by someone

    ...unless you can use the blow up bed as a cushion to jump outside into the pool with?


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  • Kung fu.


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  • One shot should scare them away.

    • That's if you can find the bullet to match.