How do I talk to a guy I like without looking dorky?

I think he's flirting with me and I've never felt love but I think it is love. He glances at me a lot and smiles. I told him I like him and well.. it's TOTALLY obvious. My friends say he smiles and looks at me a lot and I've talked to him, asked him how he is. I even wrote him a note because I get tongue tied around guys I like. It said that I like him and that I enjoy talking to him... It even had my # on it. Does he not come over and talk to me because he's shy? Should I ask him out?


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  • No, don't make a move yet. Let him do the walking.

    • Haha about that..well it kinda went down hill & my friend lost control so she kinda back handed him and also a guy who supposedly is best buds with him said he could get him to ask me out and well,i kinda didn't believe him so then I asked the guy I liked if it was true and he totaly broke my heart and so he got backhanded for doing that and he even was checking my friend out b4 she did it!!!i need a guy who won't use/abuse me and that will actually treat me like I'm hu7man & not a toy.

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