Pretty sure she digs me, how to strike up a conversation with that girl?

I've been feeling an ’energy’ from her. She had weeks off now she is back and she is staring at me sometimes in class, well ever since the beginning. Last week, she sat next to me, besides a blackboard then I caught her many times looking at me and I did look at her direction but not really her then she writes on the small blackboard next to her I SEE you and she drew an eye. BIZARRE

today she was in front of me, and she kept turning around and behind her (and we caught a few times) like 10 times she didn't even work, just being on her phone


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  • Honestly, stand close (not creepy close) next time you talk to her, and see if she does two things:

    1) touches your arm

    2) play with her hair

    either one of those two usually means we like you. I never noticed it until my sister pointed it out, but I do both all the time around hot guys lol

  • just be flirty, next time you're sure she's looking at you, say "like what you see?" =D Good luck!


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