Do the girls here that wear those seemingly popular nike shorts?

Being a guy from Canada now in my freshman college year at a Southern USA school, I had no idea what to expect. I had no idea ways of dress or trends here. Even though it's not really hot now, like in the early fall, I still see quite a lot of girls that wear these sometimes similar style of nike shorts. Some are black and white, some neon colors, ALL look REALLY good in them! I had to ask what they were and they're called nike tempos. I hadn't seen them before coming here, but it seems as if a majority of girls here are wearing them. WOW! Those shorts just...make it literally IMPOSSIBLE to ignore them, I've already tried hard to so they don't notice my reaction, but I can't. Even a lot of the girls that are on the thicker side, I've just been STUNNED at how those shorts make them look. Great style! I've personally never seen better. I have a few questions though. I wonder if the girls wearing these even notice how great the look is, or wear them to even get any guys to notice? I say that because the few times I've even caught myself with an obviously stunned reaction, the girls always keep a GOOD poker face! So that makes it so I can't even tell. And second, how often do you even notice guys reactions?


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  • I wear them because they are very comfy and great for school. I can go to school and go straight to the gym after and be comfy all day!


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  • Odd. As a fellow Canadian I can vouch that this style is not popular here.

    What I find odd is you liking them. I think it looks like sh*t beyond the fact that girls with nice legs have nice legs. But ... they are as ugly as short shorts can be without being high-waisted short shorts, which look like diapers.