Which method of dress shirts and vests do you prefer or think looks best?

just wondering what you guys thought I've been experimenting with vests lately and I wanna know whick looks the best in your eyes

guys and girls feel free to answer

if you don't understand ask for a link and ill put one up for each if a decent amount don't understand

  • Open vest with button down
    Vote A
  • Closed vest with button down
    Vote B
  • Just buttion down shirt no vest all
    Vote C
  • Dont like dress shirt at all: vest with something else
    Vote D
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those are all with a tucked in dress shirt if you prefer untucked then vote D and say untucked with vest or no vest


Most Helpful Girl

  • I like all the looks, they give off a different vibe. Depends on the occasion and mood you're in.

    • so what in your mind would be a casual rocker cool guy look outta the four?

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    • Nice, you sound very fashionable. Leather jackets are always that thing that never goes out of style, a classic.

    • Thanks for the BA!

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What Girls Said 2

  • I liked closed best with a button down short, or with a regular shirt. Vests are awesome =)

    Unfortunately, ,my mother says I shouldn't wear the. My boobs are too big =(

    • yes vests are awesome ha ha it sucks you can wear them I always like the girl in vests look...

  • Button down with no vest


    Closed vest with button down a few opened at the top


What Guys Said 5

  • It was an old rule that nobody should ever see the back of your vest. That's why they were often made of a different material. They were only worn with a jacket over. In that case the vest would be closed with the exception of the lowest button and the jacket (single breasted) open over top when sitting, and perhaps one button done (near center).

    Wear it how you like, but you might as well know when you're breaking traditional rules (which I'm not suggesting you don't do, but do it knowingly).

  • For men, it is imperative that the vest does not always have to match the dress pants. But it must correlate with the dress shirt. With patterns like dots, a black vest vertical striped complements it along with a grey dress pants. No tie is needed but the dress shirt should be button up except the last button near the neck, only button that one when you have a tie.

  • best with links to exact looks

  • I don't mind vest or not but the open vest look seems to always be worn by some hipster

    • yea but I mean it isn't so bad to be a hipster right? as long as they don't look too silly id say its not quite as bad as short shorts and ugly winter sweater I always see hipsters in that haha

  • Short of a tuxedo or something, I don't like vests.