Can someone help me about this guy?

??There is this guy I know that has a girlfriend. He mentioned something about her and then asked if I have a boyfriend. Its possible that he's interested in me or something? I noticed that when he says something about her, he looks at me... I think he do that to see my reaction, anyway...

But, there is a problem: I did caught he watching me a thousand times, and he did flirt with me also... he looks at my face, my eyes...You know, things that people do when they're into you.

Now he doesn't do this anymore. I feel that he's kind of hostile with me, but I can't see the reason why he acts this way with me.

I just want to FIND OUT the reason he treats me this way and HOW should I behave around him...

So, what do you guys think?

Thanks :)


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  • I think that he is definitely interested don't know about his character. Approach with caution however might be harmless. Thanks

  • Like the last time you asked about this very same thing - stay away from him; he's taken


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