Can I wear a top hat?

I think top hats going out of style is very regrettable. Bowlers too, but one trend at a time.

Can anyone suggest a way to alter my style to the point where a top hat would not appear strange? The only ways I can think of would involve growing my hair much longer, and i"m not really interested in that.


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  • Easy. CONFIDENCE! I've been experimenting with pushing the limits of what is considered "okay to wear" at my school, and I can tell you all it takes is confidence. If it helps, take it in smaller chunks so that no change is big. For example, I wanted to wear these crazy thigh high socks, so I started wearing crazy ankle socks you could see with flats. Then swapped my white volleyball socks for a more vibrant pair, and then eventaully wearing the thigh highs over leggings, then by themselves. If you build up to it it'll seem like the natural evolution of the thing.

    Remember: More important than the building up, is being confident. If you act like it's a normal thing to do, then it will be. Don't fiddle with it, or draw undo attention. Just pretend it's exactly like a baseball cap.


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  • Oh, I like you.

    I have no idea lol. I think you should expirment with this. Think of outfits that would look good in general with hats, and then try a top hat.

    You know what would be cool, colored top hats. Like dark colors, deep blues and greens. like this but in top hat form link


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  • That's awesome man. Not my thing, but I respect it. I recommend wearing it in public first to test the waters. Preferably, the test should be in a good section of well populated place, like a college town. If you get a good reaction in the, "Real world", wear it. If upon wearing it in school you get scoffed at; either man up and wear it, or retire it. Base your judgment upon what the girls think of it, after all they're the ones you want to impress.

    • in public first...where else would I wear it before hand?

      lol. I get what you're saying though. Agreed.