How to tell if this guy is interested in me?

I'm a soph. in college &am interested in a guy who is in one of my classes that meets 3x/week. He is so hard to read/figure out! He seems quiet (doesn't talk in class unless called on), but I get the feeling he isn't really shy, if that makes sense. We are paired in a group of 3 together for a group project, and I am interested in him, and trying to figure out what he thinks about me. Here are the signs that leave me thinking he's maybe not. 1: he doesn't email me when he says he will (this has happened twice) re our group project. 2: he didn't reply to one of the group emails I sent out. 3: once I ran into him in the library, and could tell he saw me, but he didn't say anything, just sat near me, and when I started talking to him, he looked pleased. The first time he initiated a conversation with me was Monday after class, he came up behind me, said my name, and we talked for a few minutes. he's a weird guy though. like I've caught him looking at me, when we got together once as a group to talk about our project he laughed at a few lame jokes I made. When we were first put in a group together he asked me where I was from, and seemed interested. When we sit together as a group he sits either next to me or in front of me, not near the other girl in our group. He turns his body to face me and USUALLY gives me eye-contact. I just don't know though, like I said he seems quiet and to himself. Once we were supposed to meet as a group with our professor and he didn't show up, because I didn't tell him where to meet, and when I apologized he didn't say anything like "it's okay" or "no big deal" or "no worries". Now that I am describing this, he sounds like a jerk, but I don't think he is...I really like him though, not sure why as he isn't super cute or! do you think he likes me and is just quiet/inexperienced around girls? Or is he not at all interested? Apparently he has been busy lately, so maybe that's why he hasn't emailed me those two times he said he would? And he did initiate a talk with me he wasn't in class, I will see him again Friday. What should I do next? try and talk to him? move on?when I feel like he is looking at me and we make eye contact I usually look away; should I hold the contact? any advice please and thank you!


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  • You don't see those every day. It's quite possible that he just inexperienced and shy, since he is usually quiet. And when someone is mostly quiet, it often means they haven't been fully open to anyone, especially to the opposite sex.

    Sometimes a guy like that will talk to you about a subject that he actually took some time to prepare for. After he's through talking, things typically get awkward. There may also be gaps between meetings as it often means he's trying to build up a topic for next time. I've been that type of guy myself, but I will admit that guys like these can be hopeless.

    Apart from that, it can still be difficult to know for sure. You have to get him out of his shell somehow if you mean to find out.


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