How do I prepare myself to get over my egoistic nature?

I have ego problems but I want to get over them

Help! please

Sometimes I support my answers even when I don't have proof over them.

Sometimes hurts more when someone dislikes my likings.



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  • Well, what are your ego problems specifically?

    • Humility is good. So you're saying that you will fight what you think even if you have nothing that proves it's right or wrong?

What Guys Said 1

  • Ask everyone you know to call you "toilet face" from this point forward, or, perhaps, wear your unwashed underwear on your head for a full week. Either of these is bound to curb your ego, or, just think of your own creative ways to humiliate yourself.

    Oooonly kiddin!

    • Did you experimented this before?

    • My recommendations are a bit excessive, however, it's a good thing to develop ways to remind ourselves how ordinary we all really are. I'm certainly no better than anyone else, and, am in many ways inferior to the real heroes of the world.

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