Guys, a pretty girl, a rich one or a religious one?

a) A very pretty girl with moderate wealth and moderate spirituality?

b) A very rich girl with moderate looks and moderate spirituality?

c) A very religious girl with moderate beauty and moderate wealth?

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  • None of these qualities are really deal breakers for me.

    Wealth? Meh, doesn't matter?

    Spiritual? Its ok, I'm agnostic so its really not a big deal to me

    Looks? very nice, but once again, not what its all about.

    • So what are your deal breakers? What is your measuring rod?

    • That was an unfortunate choice of words. Honestly, I love sweet girls. That is what gets me out of bed in the morning. Girls who want to make me happy, and I want to make them happy.

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  • Hrrm... the common element among these choices deals with faith and spirituality and all of them look like they encompass some sort of extreme as well (beauty, wealth, faith).

    Personally, I'd choose none of the above... at least not in the hopes of maintaining a balanced way of life (which is what I'm aiming for).

    Others may feel differently.

  • C. I guess the religious part would apply just based on what she believes outside of christian beliefs. Moderate beauty is fine and wealth wouldn't really be a factor.

  • None for me >.>" I dispise Option D for me :P


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