Want to wear make up but don't? What to do?

I have acne prone skin and I feel good in makeup like I don't put too much but at the same time I want to wear it? What shoud I do? like some days when I feel like it wear it and not when I'm lazy? Like I'm pretty according to people but with makeup I'm gorgeous. Should I use it as long as its non-comegonic?


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  • Well if you feel good in it why not wear it on those days when you feel like putting some on?

    And as for your acne there are some make-up removers that can remove your make-up and treat your skin at the same time. example link Not to mention creams and facial scrubs you could use to help keep your skin clean.

    • Thanks ha ha I am just scared ill turn out like some pale girls who once they take off their makeup they look dead , I have some acne scars but I have olive skin

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    • I think you might be over thinking that. Some mascara is noticeable but it's usually not too strong or overbearing like eye liner and shadow can be

    • yeah I over think a lot

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  • Full House episode: Rebecca teaches DJ how to apply make up without making it look like it's there.


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  • i feel pressured to wear it to please others and I want to but I worry about it harming my sensitive skin.

    • same here but guess if its like light and non-comodegenic its alright and not every day just when you feel like doing it