Do you think he ever liked me?

Okay so me and this man had an argument a few weeks back. He works at my school, is 25 too. It's because he didn't want me talking to his associates. He was mad when he saw me talking to his associate worker who started up a conversation first. Then, he told him not to talk to me. So, his female associates were gossiping about what happened but I went up to one & told her to stop. He didn't want me doing so. I told him they gossiped and it's not good or their place to talk about our "business".. He doesn't want me talking to them, especially the man. She told him and he was livid. He argued with me over that. I felt bad so I apologized the next day. He said, well OK. So we didn't talk after that and I wanted it to end (argument is silly I admit). I wanted to smooth things out. And so, a couple of days ago, I said do you mind if we talk? He said about what? Then I tell him that you went off on me. He said I had good reason and I didn't want you going up to my associate. Then I said I wasn't lying to you, I was telling you the truth and you made me out to be a liar. He was just staring at me and said that was a long time ago, I got over it and you should too. I said I did, I just wanted to clear it all up. Then he said okay & I have to get to my grad school class so have a good night. I said you too. It's like he can't believe anything I'm saying! Those two women were vindictive by spreading stupid gossip. They were nosy by trying to know our business. A couple of days ago, he'd be walking by where I'm sitting and look at me. When he walks back, he will look at me. He would peek at me too and I saw him do it when I was reading a book. He just keeps looking at me. Even my friend was confused (she saw him). Or he whistles or says something everything he walks by me. He'll be standing somewhere, look at me for a few seconds, and get back to what he's doing. All of the looking is confusing. I thought he was over the falling out/argument.

Do you think he's over it? Why is he doing this to me because I do not understand I swear, it is confusing to me. Do you think he might still like me


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  • Okay first off what do you mean by he's "25 too"? Are you 25 and if you are why do you have your self listed as 30-35?

    Also, use quotes when you're writing what he said.

    And thirdly, I think this guy is a strange creepy controlling son of a b.itch and next time he looks at you you should be like "stop f.ucking looking at me you strange creepy controlling son of a b.itch"

    holy crap, I feel pissed off right now


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  • He just wants attention and is immature. He's 25 and acts 15. Oh and I'm sorry about those girls spreading rumors