Girls, reasons you've slapped guys, help me out on this?

Obviously these guys are not telling me right. Since coming here to the USA, I've been slapped by 3 girls at school. I had some guys here who had gave me some help on how to get together with them, things to say and whatnot. So I have. The girls here are much better looking than I've seen before! I want to add that I know not to hit women here. But I don't want to get slapped either! I actually took up martial arts for several years prior to coming here. The most unsettling part is that it is absolutely impossible to be able to block American girls slaps, I can't do it. Either they have a certain look on their face, make a sound of disbelief such as "Uh?" which makes me confused, or they have a thing where have this mushed up face and stand with her hip stuck out and her hand propped on her hip, which also confuses me! They never seem to telegraph when they smack, or which hand, or by the look on their face, so you can see my frustration with this! My years of taking martial arts are useless dealing with American girls! I want to add that I don't touch girls uninvited. Since trying to block it doesn't work on girls here, I maybe need to know all of the reasons you have slapped guys before? So I know what not to do, that has to be the only way to avoid getting slapped by girls here! Thank you.


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  • So you get slapped around for no reason?

    • Well this is what I mean. I'm only approaching and saying a lot of the things some of the guys told me to. And I get all sort of different reactions. Slapped by 3 girls however.

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    • well fellow football fan, I hope this will help you get slapped little less often

      and don't comment on girls lower body parts lol

    • Some of these guys are obviously leading me on, for their fun. They have had their laughs. And thank you. Best of luck to your countrymen down in Brazil next summer. I watched Euro 2012. I thought if you guys had made it out of prelim round, you would've beaten Italy in the rematch, after the draw in the first game. Pirlo and Balotelli couldn't get anything going against you guys.

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  • I slapped a guy for stealing my cookies

  • The only time I've slapped a guy was in a play.

    Otherwise, I never slap.

    You must have said something that sounds very outrageous to them, if they slapped you.

    • Thank you for actually answering the question.

  • Is this a joke? hahah do people actually do that? I can't imagine what you must say or do to them and what's all that about not hitting women there? so it's OK to do it some place else? I find so many disturbing things in this question...

    • The laws are very much different here. They differ from most anywhere actually. I'm just asking for many of the reasons why girls here have had to.

    • where are you from? well, it's obvious you have offended them in some way, probably because of your sexist thinking and acting. And I would bet it's because you make sexual comments and stuff. Just learn how to respect women and they will stop slapping you.

    • And by the way not only in America is it against the law to hit women or anyone else. Not to say socially unacceptable and morally wrong. And what does the whole martial arts thing have to do with anything here?

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  • i think it's more important to know your approach to women rather than girls reasons for slapping a guy.

    there is obviously something you are doing in your approach that is engendering a response of physical violence...what's your normal approach?

    • Thank you for also answering the question.