Is this guy interested? I need another perspective please!

There is this guy named Tyler who is in a group I hang with and I have noticed on three or four occasions in the span of about 2 days he has his moments where when me and him are talking or something, or we are all eating together as a group and I will catch him staring at me. When I catch him staring he doesn't look away. I look away cause I'm nervous and don't know what to do. He also noticed there was something like a fluff caught in my hair and he told me about it, my attempt to get the fluff failed and he told me he would get it for me which he did, though we were sitting about a meter away from each other so I had to come closer to him so he could do it...maybe I'm over reacting but , my womanly instincts tell me otherwise. I need a guys opinion on what it could mean? Obviously it's not a huge Sign but it could be the start of something. I'm curious. Would you do this to a girl even if you didn't like her as more than a friend? Could this mean interest ?

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More info: many guys have said I'm hot or beautiful or cute so he could maybe think I'm attractive. Sometimes we have awesome conversations where he will make me laugh or something then he will stare and give me a stare that gives me butterflies. He also bumped my hand while talking and it hurt and he touched my back and asked if I was okay.he also has every ones number but mine..

And sometimes when we're all hanging out he will ignore my presence or walk right by me.He's a sweet guy so idk.


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  • He is just being nice. That's all.