Feeling guilty and wanting advice.

My boyfriend and I have been going strong for over a year now. I see no real problems in our relationship, but there is one thing that I'm feeling guilty over.

We like to study together and we often look at each other papers and make corrections or give feedback. He has no problem doing mine, but I'm different. I tend to take things personally, so when he gives me feedback I get 'annoyed' and 'angry' with him. He says I don't see it, and I often deny it, but it happens. He doesn't get mad but he just takes it and keeps going. afterward, though, I get depressed and often I'll cry. He still just stays with me, though.

However, the problem I'm facing is that *I* feel terrible for doing this to him every time. I apologies a lot for it and he says it was nothing or to just move on, but I feel so guilty afterward. I I feel like I'm disrespecting him and his help, even though I truly appreciate it and I want to improve (which I've told him). I don't want to feel like this. I don't want to get like this, but it happens and I don't know how to prevent it.

I really feel I need to talk to someone about this, or just let it out. I'm also looking for opinions on this problem or advice. Thanks for reading. Any help is appreciated.


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  • Sometimes it's hard not to take things personal, you've talked about it with him, he understands. What would be a nice gesture is to invite him over for dinner, make his favorite dish, make it romantic with candles and such, some wine, music, ... as a thank you for his efforts on helping you with school :)

    He'll know you appreciate it, and you won't have the same conversation for the 25th time about you feeling guilty.

    • Thanks for you reply! I don't get many chances to cook for him, but this will surprise him and show him how much I care and appreciate his help. Thanks for the idea!

    • You're welcome! Good luck!

    • Thanks for best answer!

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