What looks good on a guy?

I need suggestions for hair, clothes and style. feel free to post links on what you girls think is hot


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  • short hair that is styled and spiky, that is somethign I prefer. I like the mini mohawk hairstyle right now

    i also lkike t shirts on a guy and just regular jeans, as long as he has takent the time to iron them out or that they look well dressed that's fine. and his shoes are taken care of as well. he's hygeinic, then that's great. and that's about it.


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  • deff...short hair,

    summer- polos,plaide shorts and nike shox I think is a sexy outfit

    jeans and polos or tees are just a cute.

    winter- sweater {not the grandma type} like from american eagle or pac sun and jeans

    spring- depending on the weather jeans and shorts {below the knee} and maybe a hoodie from abercrombie or hollister.

    fall- same

    I like sneakers I personally don't like when guys wear flip flops but if you do they go good with the summer look

    well I hope I helped you out


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