Why can't all you girls look hot?

Girls, why can't you all just look hot for me?

Just read Maxim, that should help make you better.


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  • Chances are you're not hot.

  • Hello lovely ickle troll... may I keep you?

    For question sake though, I will indulge you.

    1) The world does not revolve around one lone man and I don't just mean you, I mean any man for that matter; or even any one (in general) because a woman would also be capable of asking this question either regarding the same sex or the opposite sex or even both... same goes for men with this point. Regarding what one finds 'hot' varies in each individual and therefore not everyone can appeal to everyone else. sure there is an 'average' look that a good portion of people would generally go for which is then over stretched by the media in order to brain wash people into buying products etc. This also effect what people think they should be attracted to because if they don't like this general type then they are 'odd' etc. feeding the generalization more.

    2) If everyone was your type of 'hot' then most people would look the same/similar and act the same/similar which would sap away any form of awesomeness life has to offer atm. This also goes hand in hand with the mechanics of genes and how they work to create a whole load of different and relatively unique people. considering you are but one lone human who wishes this does not mean that the whole mechanics of genetics will change so that everyone around you is 'hot'.

    3) If you really did want all girls to be 'hot' to you then go get hypnotised or something so that your brain will think that way, even if the masses to choose to think an individual is ugly, you will not.

    Have a nice day ickle trollie! ^_^

    • Nice one. :)

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    • I didn't bother reading the whole thing. Short attention span.

    • Yeah that person must have been lol. I have a short attention span too, it took me ages to write the answer lol.

  • Guys, why can't dogs like this be put down just for the benefit of mankind?

    • Amen! Why don't trolls live under bridges and ponder why they suck at life?

      Oh wait.,...... they already do.

    • Aw, come on, you love a proud doperman. Why take a poodle?

  • Cos we couldn't be bothered, better men out there

    • And we're waiting.

    • You mean, you're masturbating.

    • No, you're masturbating because you're so shallow that no girl in her right mind get together with you.

  • Hmmmm I wander who this could be?!? Probs a very ugly guy that thinks he is the dogs bollocks.

  • Stupid troll.

  • What do you mean? I don't think that's fair. Lols. A lot of girls try really hard to look their best.

    • Lols! Seriously? Maxim? You do realize the girls in there are all airbrushed and then they have their pictures photoshopped, right? :P No woman in real life looks like that, I am sorry to say. Anyways, good luck.

    • Thanks for the support!

    • No problem. ^-^ But seriously, don't be so hard on us girls, alright? We try very hard. Besides, you just might land up alone for the rest of your life if you keep it up. I'm not trying to lecture you or anything, I'm just saying. I wish you happiness. :)

  • stop writing these freakin questions just so you can get answers k? I know SOMEWHERE, although it may be very hard to find, you have a heart. So listen to the rule that if you don't got anything nice to say, don't say ANYTHING AT ALL!

    • You listen to the rule. If you can't look hot for me, don't bother going out at all.

    • I will look the way I want to and you will deal with it

    • Good luck with that.

  • Ten guesses as to this is Valentin87.

  • Ah here now... That's a bit harsh...

    • You have some serious issues with misogyny. You really should sort that out before you even consider leaving your house. You,my dear,are only just contributing to the hatred women feel towards incredibly ignorant men. P.S how ugly are you?

    • At least its focused. Where else can you have brief interviews with hideous men?

    • Ah hideous men.... Nice to know you consider yourself one.

  • wow you're a douche bag. I can tell you're end up alone with that attitude who wants you seriously ha ha I can't believe you're a groan a** man.

    • Thanks for the love

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    • I wave my white flag this is point less. I admit defeat.

    • Thanks for the submissive gesture. All girls do.

  • Well I wish I could be good looking but I god made me ugly.

    • God is probably pretty ugly. So we are look better to him. Don't tell him I wrote this or the little red man from under the ground will burn my butt until its crispy brown.

  • maybe its not us...no matter what there is always someone out there who thinks were are hot even tho you might not, it just means that you may be shallow.


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  • I like how people are typing FULL PARAGRAPHS into an obvious troll thread.

    • Wait! Is that directed at my answer? If you notice, I actually commented on the fact that this is a troll question, but never the less I like to be detailed in most of my answers because I know for a fact that there are people out there that may actually take the troll seriously / actually agree with him.

    • Yeah, don't you go giving me attention like that. This free publicity bullsh*t is p*ssing me off because now I have to read all the crap you guys write.

    • I found your answer amusing, Sorrow.

      It was kinda like "wow, this guy's a total troll. Here, have some troll food."

      But I like that a full blown discussion became of it. Legitimate discussion in a troll thread is a rarity.

  • Put it this way, having a hot girlfriend and being the envy of all your guy friends is fun, but does it really have the potential to last? Is she, as a whole, really what you're looking for and are you what she is looking for?

    Meanwhile, the guy down the street is dating a girl who isn't the hottest thing under the sun, but they probably are happier, more of what each is looking for, have better sex and she probably makes more money because she's more focused on achieving her goals than getting her makeup just right.

    • Being a hot girl doesn't always necessarily mean you focus on getting your make up right. And hot girls can be just as nice as girls who guys don't consider as hot. I think guys should,on the whole,just gives girls a break. And whoever asked this question is an utter idiot.

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    • Thanks for the dick sucking pep talk.

    • You're welcome.

  • Because some men are born with the face only a mother could love.

  • Dude! Why the hell would they do that?!