Guys: How to get 24/7 8-o'clock shadow?

I have kinda a young face and am short for a 25 year old. I never really grew much facial hair (though I never tried growing it out, always shave what little I have. I read that if you want a 8-o'clock shadow style like in the "oblong" shape head person in this link:


you just need to grow it out (so it covers most of your face) then have it off, then only shave every couple days. Does this work? If I wait until I have growth around my face then shave, will it grow back more even from then on in all those areas?

Oh, and what is the best method for shaving in that situation, I usually use an electric razor.


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  • I have a stubble (as you can see from my pic) and I never use a razor, I just use the same clippers that I use to cut my hair with (I shave my own head BTW). I have two dif kinds of clippers; one is an adjustable one that doesn't cut as close to the skin, and the other one cuts very close to the skin.

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