Girls, please advise if I should shave off the mustache or keep it to suit me best?

Girls Please suggest me a makeover for facial and hair style,I have a mustache. Do girls like that or not?

Please suggest if I Should keep my mustache or a goatee or I should shave my mustache and French beard. When do I look good? I have uploaded my latest photo's in my profile, if required I will upload more of my pic's...I have one photo...please mail me back to my id .. am 23 now. generally how do you like guys to be. with mustache or not...Do girls like guys with crew cut or buzz cut ? which hair style suits me, best and shall I keep mustache or goatee..?

Additional Details:

hi... girls I am from chennai, southern part of India.. I asked you girls to suggest me a make over...i mean do I have to have a mustache or a goatee, does mush suit me and what hair style suits me... short army kinda Buzz cut or long hair..


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  • the goatee looks good!

    just don't get a mustache, it'll make you look old.

    • OK.. just tel me if goatee suits me or not.. I ll post my pictures with goatee and without,..

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