Is this normal?

Well it's kind of hard to explain my relationship status. He's figuring things out. He has new "girlfriend" but yet he's still trying to stay close with me, and he knows that I still feel strongly for him. But lately, I've been feeling really bad about myself. I feel like I'm never good enough. I feel like I put so much time and effort into getting ready but I still look plain awful. I guess I've been comparing myself to this other girl. Like there is something so wrong with me that just makes her so much better. I know in reality that's not true but I just feel completely I've never been good enough. I mean come on, was he EVER attracted to me?! Ugh I just feel so bad about myself and I can't shake the feelings. I exercise and tan and generally don't eat bad. The other day I bought some new makeup and I've had a lot of compliments on my hair lately. I've been trying to strengthen my relationships with my friends and I've been open to going to new places and trying new things. All of that is fun and I know that I have such a handful of people that care so much about me and who want to be around me, but it's not helping. I think part of it might be because I am REALLY stressed out and I don't sleep all that well anymore but it normal to not feel good enough after being cheated on in a round about way?


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  • he's got a girlfriend.

    the relationship status of you and him is not official and thus there is really nothing right now.

    it doesn't matter if he was ever attracted to you, he's with another girl now, so why not let it go?

    the fact you refuse to let go of someone who didn't consider you his girlfriend is causing you stress

    so letting go of him is a beneficial thign to do

    of you're still insecure about looks, then just work on that

  • I think your lower self esteem is the reason why you let yourself be in the relationship situation. Honestly you are the side chick. His girlfriend will always come before you since she has the title. If you don't respect yourself no one else will. You will just get taken advantage of until you raise your standards and don't fall into that trap.

    Everyone goes through a period where they feel lost and/or low. So yeah you are normal and being cheated on can definitely bring out insecurites in anyone. Things will get better for you. I think if you just quit that guy you will feel a little better. You may feel strongly for him but a guy that's playing with 2 different girls doesn't give a crap about anyone but himself. You are better than that!

    Of course he was attracted to you. Guys like that just don't mess around with girls they aren't attracted to, what would be the point? Looks was probably one of the main things for him. You sound like you look pretty since you take care of yourself, but what's more important is what's on the inside. It's good that you maintain your appearance but I'm sure you know you have to fix what's inside first.

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