Guys and girls, has something like ever happened to you?

Guys and girls has something like ever happened to you ?

I was going out of town for a Job Interview so I got the train, and then I was waiting for the bus connection when this really nice looking gorl kept turning round and staring at me like four or five times before she got on her bus.

After the interview this other girl was staring at me across the street wouden't take her eyes off me and you can all ways tell when girl seems to like a guy by their eyes.

Then I'm waiting for the bus to get me back to the train staition when I overheard these two girls one of them saying I was fit.

Then another girl lol kept looking at me and whispering to her friend who also looked at me.

Their was a couple more, but I couden't believe I have never that sort attention back home I feel grew up in the wrong place lol.

I just wanted to ask if anybody has been in similiar position.


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  • you should move there and cash in


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  • Kind of, but I wasn't out of town. I was around a different group of people that I wasn't normally around. It really creeped me out cause this older guy kept winking at me. I'm shy so I don't like people staring at me because it makes me paranoid.

    • I have older women winking and whistling at me at my old a job a couple of years ago and I used to be quite shy as well, its probably different for a girl but a for a guy its a nice when you can pull a older woman with ease. I never did beause she was like a manager so I kept away from her even through all the whistling, winking touching my arms etc.

      I remember this girl and I were flirting at break and she got right in the face of this girl, so I diden't want to get on the wrong side of her.

  • yessssss


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