Is this type of eye contact flirtatious?

I was talking to this guy and something about the way we were looking at each other while talking seemed flirtatious to me. I am interested in him so I don't know if that has anything to do with the way that I viewed things.

We weren't talking about anything flirty at all. Just normal talking. We didn't tease each other or anything like that. But something seemed flirty about the way he was looking at me.

We were both smiling a lot even though neither one of us was saying anything remotely funny.

He kept on doing this thing where he would make eye contact with me, give me this huge grin, and look at me indirectly- like out of the corner of his eye or part of his eye? kinda hard to explain. But he definitely wasn't looking at me straight in the eyes. He would then break eye contact while still smiling, and then look at me some more.

A good amount of the time he would be smiling or grinning while saying something.

And a good amount of the time he would make direct eye contact with me and smile at me.

Something about the way he was looking at me seemed playful or flirtatious! Or is it in my head?


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  • i don't think its really flirtatious to be honest... I think you may be reading into it a little too much

  • i would have to know about his other body language and actions but it could be a sign of attraction. another good way to tell is see how he talks with other females compared to you.

    sometimes you just "have a feeling" that there's chemistry.

    • In general his body faced me so I got the idea he was focused on me. I also noticed that his friend said hi to him while we were talking and he said hi back and continued talking to me, so I just got the idea he wanted to keep talking and he was paying attention to me.

      I also noticed he was sharing a lot of information about himself that I didn't ask for, so I got the idea he was being open with me

      Umm I also noticed he was being really open with me and sharing information about himself I

    • I'm not trying to say he must like me or anything like that, but I think it's a good sign if he seems to be open to me getting to know him better and also that he gives me a lot of his attention when we are talking.

      I definitely "felt" there was chemistry but I might be imagining it because I like him.

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