Guys....which boots do you like the best?

My boyfriend loves motorcycles and just got a Harley this past year... we went to the dealership a few months ago and he was looking at some boots...he said wanted more combat type ones...I don't remember which ones he I bought him these for Christmas: link

But am not sure if I should exchange them for a different kind...which do you like best?

1) link

2) link

3) link

Yeah...I really like the second ones...but I just checked...and they are still all out of stock in the stores and online...the ones I bought him are sorta similar but just not the same...I might wait then to see if the come back in stock before Christmas...


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  • For me? Boots that will fit my occasion and setting.

    Right now its winter time, cold and wet. So I would look for boots that will give warmth and are thick to prevent piercing winds getting inside my boots.

    I like the 3d one.

    • Good point...they look more sturdy than the other choices...thanks for your help!

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  • I'd want the 3rd option.

  • Get number 2.

    • Don't go with the first, get the third if you have too.

    • Is the third really that bad? I'm just curious what you don't like about it...I appreciate your input! It helps a lot!

    • The third isn't that bad, I just don't like the piping; it seems a little much. What ever you do don't get the first pair, they look like something an emo would wear.

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