I am questioning this whole thing about looks?

I have reading lots of posts by guys on this site, they are ugly and can't get a girlfriend.

I am just an average guy, but when I am out about or at work, girls seem to come and talk to me or tease me. I am just a shy guy, I don't really give girls much attention. I generally ignore them, because of my shyness. Then there is other guys, that try so hard and don't any attention.

I don't understand? I am not boosting, or think I am anyway good looking. Just think of myself as average guy. but doesn't understand about these situations, and the guys that try to get womens attention. I don't understand.

Just prove to you I am not boosting, I have never had a girlfriend. I am just asking why these guys are not getting the attention. when someone I like me shoudn;t for not trying.


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  • See, when it comes to romantic relationships, most men consider ONLY a woman's looks, whereas most women consider the man's looks AND money. So if a man is average with one of these two (looks or money), he can compensate for it if he has a lot more of the other (an average man having lot of money or a poor man having extreme good looks). In this aspect, I feel men are luckier compared to women because even if they are not born worth good looks, they can compensate for it by earning a lot of money. But in case of women, if they are average looking, they're pretty much out of luck (unless they get plastic surgery or something done to improve their looks). Of course, there are exceptions to this (men and women who value a good personality and kind heart, rather than looks are money).

    In your case, you either have LOTS of money, or you are lucky enough to come across only girls who don't give much importance to money or looks.

    • Lol good answer. Fuck now I don't know who to give the BA. asking the question was easy.

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    • So, you did select mine! Thanks a million! :)

    • NO problem bud.

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  • You probably have some sort of odd sexual magnetic attraction that draws in those girls. Some girls find shy guys endearing.

  • let's wait for them to come in


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  • you're probably better looking that you give yourself credit for

  • Several things could be going on here. You could be better looking than you realize. These women may not see you as a man, but rather just a friend. You are also getting to the age where you will start running into desperate women more frequently. Most of these women will either have kids, or their looks are starting to go. If they were holding out for prince charming for too long they start to scramble to find any half way decent guy. Looks are important to women, but they are a lot more important to younger women.

    • I like the answer, very logically mate.