Virgin + Smooth Operator = Clueless!

The short(ish) version? Known him all of primary and high school just as casual mates, he's always been there for me and I never noticed until recently. For the past four weeks we've spent every weekend at his hanging and watching movies, on the third week we made out and last week it went a little further in bed. I'm a virgin and he knows I'm not planning on loosing it til I'm in a relationship and he's cool with that and really sweet and attentive when we're together in bed (and its very very hot) and we talk almost everyday. But we constantly give each other crap (it works for us) and now I just can't figure it out... does he like me or am I a PG rated booty call for the weekends or what? Also he asks me to stay the night every time - just falling asleep together, but he snores so I land up leaving halfway through the night instead, I'm clueless. I'm giving it another 2/3 weeks and then asking him what's going on but he makes me really happy and I don't want to ruin this... Am I just 'one of the boys' with benefits or potential gf? Any advice?


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  • i agree with TheSexyOne... but also, just be careful. Some guys are just that slick and can make a fool out of you. But if he makes you really happy, just roll with it and see how everything plays out.

    • Yeah I played cautious and there were some dramas, just when I was okay with hookin up and not going out, he asked me to be his girlfriend :p 3 months next week lol thanks though!

    • Lol. nice! congrats. hope it's going great for you. :)

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  • You sound like you could be a potential girlfriend because of the cuddling and intimacy. Its nice that he is cool with you being a virgin. But eventually this will continue to get heated and he will want to satisfy his urges with you. He might deal with it for a while but then get agitated with having to wait. This can cause arguements. He might not say it forward but instead have a bad attitude.

    Right now it sounds like everything is good between the two of you. So just roll with it and see where it ends up.