Should I just tell him about my feelings?

I feelike whatever boy I've always liked, I've always don't something wrong, or maybe that's them, but I don't know. I just feel extremely frustrates, and depressed at the moment. I like this guy, but the thing is I don't even know his name. I just know that he affects me alot, and I hate the fact that he could do that. Sometimes I catch him looking at me from the distance, but he looks away when I see him, almost as though he doesn't care about me at all. When we are face to face, he gives me a cold look. I hate what's he's done to my head cos I can't stop thinking about him, and wondering if the reason why he behaves that way towards me is because he likes me, or hates me. When I searched on Facebook, I though I found him, but I wasn't sure since the face wasn't clear. He had a girlfriend on fb. But yesterday I found out that he's not the guy I saw on fb, or maybe he is. I'm not sure. But whenever I want to talk to him now, he's with his group of friends. and I feel like a loser falling for him while he gives me dirty looks and ignores my presence. I just want him to know about my feelings. I think I'm most likely going to get rejected harshly, but the thing is I'm so confused about him, that maybe knowing for sure that he doesn't like me may make me move on. The semester is almost over. we have one more class together, and then I'll probably never see him again. Should I just tell him how much I like him?


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  • I used to act that way when I use to be shy until I grew out of my blueness and coldness...only if you are gonna initiate a conversation like asking for his opinion on something casual will make the guy talk,even a formal introduction by a friend wouldn't solve it...apart from that,that dude is ready to act that way till he starts crushing on someone else or until you forget about him...

  • Just go for it, Iv'e been the guy in your situation and, if he is looking at you but looks away when you see him, he's shy.

    Shy guys give that I hate you cold look too, a girl I really really liked in high school gave me a huge smile on several occasions and on two of them I was walking by her in the hallway, I was depressed, had low self esteem, I made excuses for every smile and convinced myself it MUST have been for someone else but too many other signals occurred.

    I would just go for it, If I had just went for it, or even reciprocated a smile or something I wouldn't have to wonder what if? And believe me, I still wonder.

    So just go for it... not knowing is a million times worse the mind hell you're going through currently.

    I would tell him you like him, or think he's cute but, I'd definitely hold off on telling him HOW much you like him, as it could potentially scare him away.

    Start by smiling and eye contact, then initiate a conversation.


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