Always trying to get my attention.

So she is a very outgoing girl and sociable with everyone however I always feel she always adds too much with me let me explain so today I was talking with someone she came sat next to me and tried to always interrupt me and said some of the most random things, talking about **** sizes or saying I want you to be mad show me then laugh. In class while talking again and she was like 10 feet away and whisper Shhh! when everyone else was talking or after that some weirdo was around me she was laughing (means she was looking)

not to mention I often caught her looking my way. I feel she is not the same around me even though she is very loud. Oh and one time she sat next to me and she said ohh lucky boy you are now around 2 Hispanic girls Question : What do you think of this girl ? She wants some?


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  • I'm confused... So do you like her or do you not?

    Girls like that get weird with guys they like because they feel like hey need to try extra hard to get the guys attention so he will notice her and then like her. It's just weird be kiss she already has a ver hiring personality and it can just become too much...


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  • Pay her the attention and blow her back to her right senses...

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