A miracle happened? Would his behavior mean he likes me?

Last week, I looked at him and after a friend told him something, he hid from me since that moment. At the end, I looked down when he walked by. Later, I glanced and he seemed grumpy.

Yesterday, he seemed angry, but sat on the side that he could easily see me. I looked him and then the moment he looked at me, I could not turn away. Maybe we held eye contact for a few seconds and then he looked away. He's happy now. I also looked away, but then looked at him again, and then he glanced and/looked at me again. Then when I did not look straight at him, he looked at me. We repeated. lol. It was far away, but I totally felt like he also looked at me. I could not smile when looking at him, only he turned away and then back to look at me. He smiled to himself when all of this friends sat there serving were normal. The middle of the Mass, I stopped looking and he seemed OK, but at the end I looked again. When he was about to go with the Bishop, we totally looked at each other, but he seemed like does not want to go, a bit sad ( by his lip) when looking at me. When he walked by, I did not look down, but just normal. When I glanced at him again the moment he walked around the other way, he walked in a bit of angry mood in the room. I wonder if he might think that I don't like him because I did not smile or it would be something else.


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  • I think it could definitely mean that he lieks you!

    • Do you really think so?

    • Today when I looked at him, he smiled to himself. Later, I felt like he looked and had a light smile at me, I just blinked a lot while looking down a bit. In the back, a kid was acting cute so I smiled a little. Yet, when I looked up he stopped looking or smiling until the end, I looked at him when he walked down. I always doubt myself and don't know what his behaviors sometimes mean.