I feel totally drawn to this guy, but I don't like him.Why is that?

ok,the thing is this guy has been staring,being around,sitting near me, going shy around me and all that for like 6 years.

we barely talk,because he didn't try. all he does is stare A Lot. when we first met in class he looked intimidated by me (I'm average,nothing special) but I noticed he wants to be near me and stared anyways,even when I glanced back he continued his stare.

with his group of friends he's extremely cocky, but when it comes to me he looks like scared puppy. Generally he's total douche bag,but not with me, I know this & I don't like him as a man or as a person.

I just can't understand why I feel drawn to him and think 'bout him. Why is that?


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  • Perhaps it's acceptable to just be friends. This was my first thought.

    My second thought is, what do you mean by "drawn to him"? And also, what is your definition to "not like" him?

    • drawn: I kinda like to feel his stares.I like seeing him nervous around me.

      and I don't like him: he's typical douche bag he's arrogant,he's mean to people,we have nothing in common,i'm avare of that.

    • Well, if he's been staring at you for 6 years, I guess you'd feel something amiss when it wasn't there! Six years is a long time to get used to something, even if it doesn't directly benefit you.

      In any case, if you know in your heart of hearts that you'll never like someone with those game-breaking characteristics, I think it'd be high time to leave it behind and find something more wholesome that you can be drawn to AND like.

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