What is your definition of average looking and ugly?

I've noticed a trend for if someone calls themselves ugly online, people usually respond that they are not ugly but average. So I am just wondering what are peoples definitions of average and ugly.

A while back when someone called me ugly, I was venting about it on my blog. I got a whole bunch of comments asking for my picture. So I finally gave in, and let them see. They all told me I was average, not ugly.

So anyway, ever since that day I've noticed a lot of posts on the internet where people talking about being ugly. This site usually has a lot as well. And that's when I started noticing people respond that the person isn't ugly, but average. So now I am curious about different peoples opinions on ugly and average.


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  • Average looking is someone who isn't ugly but at the same time doesn't have gorgeous movie star looks. And ugly Me, My Self and I.


What Girls Said 1

  • someone who's mean to other people

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