What are your favorite Air Jordan shoes? anybody collect them or used to collect them? I have some at home

that I have had since High School, some are still in okay condition and still fit me, eventhough they are size 9 and a half, and I primarily still wear size 10, since size 10 is the most comfortable for me, but anyway, my favorite Air Jordans are the Air Jordans I, II, III, and then VI, VII, VIII, XI, XIII.

Which ones are your favorites?
I've decided to wear them again if I'm gonna be working out at the gym, use them as gym shoes, but when walking in public, going out, I decide not to, mainly because I don't want to come across as ghetto, I'm against the ghetto lifestyle


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  • My favorite of all time are Carmine 6s and my second favorite is a toss up between Doernbecher 4s or Pure Money 4s. But my favorite in my collection are my BC3's.


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  • my size is 9 and I have flightclub 90s sample, V 'fire red', nike air raid retro 'black white grey' sample and cp3. III laser. I ain't a sneakerhead and I TOTALLY agree with ya with the idea, DON'T show on getto when wear jordan shoes.

  • Air Jordan Original – OG 6 (VI) Black / Black – Infra Red

  • the best collection in Tokiyo



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