Why did my ex look like this?

I was walking to store (Jewel) and I saw my ex back like literally his back. I was not sure if it was him, so I am looking backwards as I past Dunkin Donuts where he was at with a girl, I think. As I looked back he looked up as though he was excited at first, then he quickly looked away. It was like he got nervous and said to himself "Oh shit" lol We both made eye contact even though I had sunglasses on. Why did he do that?


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  • I think you might've already answered your question

    • Do you he still have feelings? I mean question was why he look so quickly away like that?

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    • Why would he be embarrassed?

    • Caught with another girlfriend by you embarrassment is only a possibility

  • He was happy to see you, but was with someone else, so he didn't want to point himself out to you.

    If you want him call him. End of story. Stop wasting your time on here asking stupid questions. And don't let this feed your ego.


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