New Gamertag needed! Help!

Okay I'm looking for a bad ass gamer tag that's kinda suited for a girl...but nothing like "hey look at me I'm a girl looking for attention"

I play a lot of Halo, GTA, NHL, stuff like that. I love hockey so maybe something related to hockey. Thanks :)


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  • lol @ trying to make a statement with a gamertag

    And lol @ finding a gamer tag for a girl...but not trying to get attention for being a girl

    In an unrelated story, I was on XBL one night and played some COD with a guy named "Girth Brooks"...I lol'd at that too


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  • A bad ass girl name so guys will leave you alone?

    How about Nutcracker Sweety - a play on words for Nutcracker Suite

    Or just use Nutcrusher. Not very friendly though

    Hockey related? How about Penalty Box? - another play on words

    I have tons of character names (I have a spreadsheet to keep track of them). They aren't badass, but the girl names I have people compliment sometimes are Mellow Yellow, Jambalaya, and Briana.

  • Sorry this is all I could come up with, Dark Goddess, Game Queen, Ice princess

  • Call yourself Joan of Arc


What Girls Said 2

  • Princess Unicorn sunshine rainbow lolipop 234

  • Pwncess

    to be honest you should pick a non gender specific gamer tag or a male one if you don't want to draw attention to yourself being a girl or looking for attention because you're a girl, every time I play cod no one knows I'm a girl so they treat me like everyone else, I see some girls talking on their headsets and milking guys attention which is pathetic. not saying you do that but its easier to just pretend you're a guy on there


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