Why do girls stare is it that I look different or they like me?

Is it because I look different from both Asians and whites? I live in New Zealand and I notice girls staring Asians and whites.Is I because I look different or they like me or they think I look weird.

I have feautures from both I am mixed

Well I am 5'11 with skin slighly darker than white but slightly lighter than Asian eyes bigger than Asian but almond shaped but since most Asians are short and skinny I also measured my shoulders and its 21 inches


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  • You don't look weird. Your skin color is not weird or ugly. They are probably not staring at you because you are asian/white. I'm sure you're not the first asian/ white person that they have seen.They probably just like you(unless you have weird mannerisms or a weird personality).

  • idk sometimes I am staring at someone not realizing what I am doing. I may not even be thinking about the person I am staring at but simply just looking in their direction while thinking.


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