Do I look okay in this shirt?

Lol so I know my stomach looks extremely pale, but I swear it's just the lighting and I'm not part snowman xD Well basically it's the brown tank top that's showing a teeny bit of belly. I'm going to wear a cardigan or that plaid shirt in the pic over it definitely. It's gonna be worn like that. So does my body look OK in it? I've always been a teeny bit self conscious about my stomach x) thanks everyone and yes just to clarify it's my profile pic :)

Oh and yeah for some reason the pic is upside down haha
NEVERMIND! Profile pic is back to normal and lol I just wanted to know if that tiny part of my stomach looked okay not my whole outfit x) haha


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  • How am I supposed to know what you look like in a shirt, if all I see is the shirt?

    Can you put a pic of you wearing it.

    (If you already are), It's hard to tell. Another photo would be very helpful.

    But the shirt itself looks really cute.


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  • It's hard to tell what it looks like because we can't see all of it, or how it drapes or rides on you. Can you post something a little more comprehensive?

    All I can tell you is that it looks warm and would be fine for informal wear.

  • all I see is part of the shirt.

  • It's hard to really get a good idea on how the whole outfit (at least the top part) looks like. Why not take a picture from a little further away. That way we can get a better visual and give you a more accurate response.


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