Girl looking down, smiling and rolling her eyes...bad?

I have been talking to this girl after we started ignoring each other (long story) so now we are getting back to talking, teasing and SLIGHT flirting. So today we were talking and kinda having a nerdy, fun argument. She was smiling and making eye contact. When we had a break in the conversation I asked her "would you allow me to buy you a starbucks?" To which she looked down, kinda smiled, rolled her eyes and then said "alright" lol. Then we drank it and kept talking. I feel she likes me but since she doesn't have a lot of experience, she may be afraid. I talk to girls all the time but NONE of them make me feel the way she does, even if we only talk for 10 minutes. She will initiate and try to keep the conversation going and is a smartass but I don't want to scare her away or something. Could there be something here?


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  • Maybe... it kinda sounds like she has feelings for you and she's trying to hold back, for whatever reason.

    It's hard to say, without knowing the history... such as why you were ignoring each other for awhile. Could *that* have something to do with it?

    • Well, we are both pretty stubborn individuals (especially with each other) and sometimes we get annoyed and have a little bit of "attitude" towards each other. The last time I think I may have overdone it and I made her upset and she told me not to talk to her again and it lasted for months until circumstances arose and we kinda started talking again. We are both nice people, we even have some of the same friends, but with each other ehhhh, we are like 2 little kids playfighting all the time...

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