Do guys like the whole clumsy look ?

My friend really wants to push me into my crush I'm not so sure will I ended up looking like a clumsy fool or a major desparato ? Guys if a girl fell /pushed into you want would you think would you acted differently for a girl you like and a girl you had no interest in how would you act ?


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  • Thats more flattering, the first thing that comes to my mind is that she wants to have sex with me. I would say hi and use a more professional approach

    • How do you come to the conclusion that she wants to have sex just because she bumped into you?

    • At first its more flattering, if someone like her friend pushes her into me.

  • It depends on the guy. I think though, most would be shocked, probably say, "What the hell!" if they were surprised, then see it was a girl, and ask her what just happened? If he liked her he'd probably try and talk to her a lot or use this as an opportunity to talk to her more.


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