Girls would you wear 50's style dresses and if so how often?

I really love the vintage 50's style clothing on girls, it's really the best thing a girl can wear in my opinion. However I was wondering if there are even any girls that do or would dress like this at all. Some examples in case you have no idea what I mean:

link link link link
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  • It is nice but would rarely wear it/only for more formalish events
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  • I love them and wear them quite often. I love the retro styles because I just adore how beautiful the women were back in the 40's, 50's and early 60's. I wish that I had born decades earlier. The women were so classy and elegant years ago.

    • How often is quite often? Like once a week?

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    • Honey, if she likes to dress nicely, she will!

    • Good point.

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  • i love 50s style dresses, especially if your in the mood for something a little girly. they are fun ad there are so many different styles, I personally only own 4 but that is mainly due to lack of funds.

  • eh,sometimes. guys tend to assume I'm some zooey deschanel type though and well if you ever see me baking cookies for some guy in a cardigan,then I'm pretty baked too. so yeah,i tend to avoid them.

    • The 2nd part of your answer lost me...

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    • I had to look up manic pixie dream girl. I just like the style of dress and how it looks.

    • qa, she's basically saying...she's a feminist and doesn't want you thinking that just because she's going to look like that, that she's going to act like girls of the 50's (not very many free rights as opposed to today)

  • Yea, I love the style.. I already own a lot and I wear them as often as I can! I really love the whole 50's style

  • It's not really my style, but I would wear them since I consider them pretty dresses. I think it's awesome to be unique.

    • It's awesome that you think that.

  • I could see myself wearing that.

    Probably not too often though.

  • No just not my style.

  • Probably not. They aren't my thing.

  • I can't pull it off but they're cute. I'm Asian so I can't do the nice vintage stuff well, otherwise it'd look like I just have a plain bad sense of style! White girls definitely can though :P

    • It seems to me it would be perfect for Asian girls?

  • The dresses how really beautiful.

    However, the only time I would wear a dress like that is maybe for a party theme or

    a Halloween gathering.

    • I mean the dresses are really beautiful

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    • Well, if a attractive girl walks by in yoga pants or short shorts it is impossible not to look even if you think there are better things they could be wearing.

    • That is true.

  • I love them! I often wear 50's style or pin up/Victorian inspired clothing and I've noticed that I get a lot more compliments from people than girls who dress regularly get (: It's not everyone's cup of tea, but most people at least think those kinds of clothes are cute.

    • What kind of Victorian inspired stuff?

    • think 1800's type style. the Victorian style was popular in the 1800's

    • I know, I was just wondering what in particular.

  • I would wear them everyday (in every season but winter) if they weren't so darn expensive. link they start at about $90 each and THEN you have to buy the petticoat (little fluffy white part) separate which is about $50 by itself.

    I;m spends $30 on an outfit and has worn the same shoes for the past 3 years so yeah unless you're gonna buy me a ton of cute 50s style dresses it ain't happening.

    I do agree that they really compliment the female body shape though. I think they're most suited for hourglass shaped ladies though as they accent a nice small waist

    • I am sure there are cheaper ones at a thrift store or some place like that. If I had the money I would buy you some.

    • they were probably cheaper back then

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