Seriously, what is the deal here?

So I've had a crush On a Guy for about a year now. I know sad. Anyways we are juniors in high school and he's never had a girlfriend but started to act like he liked me last year after I told him how I felt. Well this year started and he was still acting the same except for the fact he got really close to this other girl who he ended up asking to formal then told her 2 weeks later that he didn't want to go with her anymore. All bad, anyways, a couple weeks ago he said something jokingly but rude to me which I took a little more offensive than I probably should have and that was about a month ago, I haven't talked to him since and hardly even acknowledged the fact that he exists but ever since I have been ignoring him he has been staring at me more than he ever did, which is a lot and in class we sit one desk away from each other and he always copies my movements and has his whole body awkwardly turned towards me and I see him look at me out of the corner of his eye and will look at me everytime he gets the chance. I thought he didn't like me but what is going on?


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  • You're telling me a one year crush is bad?!?! pwhaha ... I've had one for 3,5 years and counting.

    She's on my mind every day and it drives me nuts.

    Good thing is that she feels the same way and all, it's just the distance which isn't working in our favour.


What Girls Said 1

  • whats going on is a lack of communication .. all this could be solved by just talking to him . even tell him that his comment botherd you but that you should have just talk to him about it .. you liked him for a year so why would you let one little thing get in the way. you need to talk to him for sure


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