What makes a guy not look at a girl when she is talking to him?

I was talking to this guy I have some interest in and I noticed he kept on looking over to the side while we were talking. At one point he held eye contact for so long that I needed to look away- but that's very rare for him with me.

But if I would look at him after saying something he would just keep looking over to the side when I would try to make eye contact with him. In my head I was thinking "what do you keep looking at" lol.

He would smile back at me, but keep looking over to his side. He wouldn't look at me directly and smile.

He seemed decently invested in the conversation and I definitely didn't get the idea he wanted me to end it quickly or anything.

I have noticed a general tendency of his not to look at me when we are talking. He smiles back and that type of thing, but in general without looking at me.

Before, he has given me the biggest grins while looking to the side! I don't get it. Isn't it normal to smile at people and look at them at the same time?

I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong here, or is he just shy?


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  • He might be shy, mad, upset about something, He has his reasons, you could always ask...


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  • it means he's not-confident which most of you girls hate.

    • I don't have a problem with guys being shy, I'm a shy girl! But I just wasn't sure if him looking to the side and not at me meant he wasn't interested and that he would rather be doing something else

    • There's the problem, guys can be too shy to make eye contact because they like the girl so much, but the girl thinks he's not interested because he doesn't look at her.

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  • I think he's just shy. I've been with my boyfriend for a while and when we talk about intimate stuff he does that. :)


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