Everyone: I need your thoughts. How should I talk to him?

The week of Thanksgiving: We had a lot of looking at each other the other day, and he even became happy after I kept look at him. I known because he seemed angry or had a serious look on the face. Sunday, when I looked at him, he smiled to himself; it was when he received the gift from old people in the Mass and served Bishop. Later, I totally felt and saw a bit on the side of my eyes that he looked and smiled at me (faced my direction), I felt a bit uneasy and shy so I blinked a lot while looking down. Later, he stopped smiling and returned to the serious look or maybe normal.

My friend's boyfriend will try to ask him if he likes someone and finds out if that someone is me. I am anxious about the answer and worried of how I should talk to him if the girl he likes is ME... We're not friends online and I don't want to be a stalker. :((


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  • stop being so shy and just say hi


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